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About Us

We are a San Francisco Bay Area based company which provides innovative software solutions that enable and visualize the (IoT) Internet of Things...or as we say, Internet of Everything. Our modern IoE technology illustrates the Internet of Everything through customizable applications and dashboards, allowing users to easily interact with various sets of data from various devices and derive more value and intelligence to better manage cost and energy efficiency. We drive the future of data-driven technology, allowing users to create customizable applications and dashboards to better manage, measure, control and analyze data from any device anytime, anywhere.


Meet "The IoE Boss" aka Appy Times


IOT Mascot - Appy Times

Appy Times, or as the scientists at Genius Labs referred to him, “Project 13,” was born as part of a government program aimed at creating super-humans that would one day live for 200 years and be able to play chess underwater. While the program was ultimately a failure, Appy escaped the cruel disfiguration of his fellow test subjects (including Carrot Top, Charlie Sheen, and Paris Hilton), was adopted by a tribe of half-men, half-gofers, half-wild boars, in southern Florida, living out a quiet existence in their complex system of caves and tunnels. That was, until recently, when in a fit of brilliance, Appy figured out the value for infinity. Astonished by his discovery, the mathematical community appointed Appy “King of Numbers” and he toured the world writing out his theorem on chalkboards for heads of state, royalty, and the KGB.


Tired of the fast paced life of a mathematics god, and the inability to shake the need for artistic expression, he recently chose to enroll in DGUniversity where he earned a quintuple PHD in Design, Logic, Data Visualization, Behavioral Profiling, and The Meaning of Life. Graduating with honors, Appy now consults VIP clients on all things DGLogik. As you were reading this paragraph, Appy Times built two dashboards, predicted the US inflation rate for the next 5 years, and programmed his VCR.


Recognition & Awards

  • IOT Application Platform Award

    2014 Technical Enabler: Application Enablement - DGLux5!

  • IoT Visualization Software Award

    2014 3rd Party Visualization Software of the Year - DGLux5!

  • IoT Product Award

    2013 Commercial Product of the Year - DGBox!

  • IoT Application of the Year Award

    2013 Application of the Year awarded to DGLux!

  • IoT Graphic Tool of the Year

    2012 Graphic Tool of the Year awarded to DGLux!

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