Flat Design for HTML5 Applications

Are you already making data applications that are responsive and mobile ready? Another way to make your data applications more usable, clear, and contemporary is to consider the concepts of minimalism and flat design. Regardless of whether you incorporate these design trends subtly or boldly, staying aware of a few common practices will allow you to surpass user expectations and create a pleasant user experience.

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Think Mobile for Your 2016 Data Applications

Data Center Dashboards

Delivering valuable insight with proper usability across all modern smart devices will become a requisite for IoE Applications in 2016. With DGLux5, it’s easy to build flexible, device-agnostic applications that adjust to screen sizes, respond to touch controls and load images and IoE data conservatively. Without ever writing a single line of code, you can give your users an uncluttered, intuitive and efficient experience, regardless of their device.

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DSA Scratch Pad for Easier Teleconferencing

You’ve been there before: you have keyboard and mouse control on someone else’s computer, and you want to copy some text and send it to yourself. You find a chat client, and you instant message the notes to yourself. After the call, you open up the chat client, copy the notes, and paste them somewhere else. But they’re different. Timestamps and usernames have been added. Text has been auto-corrected. Straight quotes are now curly. Scripts and commands no longer work.

This video shows you how to create a scratch pad that takes advantage of DSA’s lightweight data storage to continually save notes to the server. You just open a browser, type a URL, and you can start pasting and typing notes with confidence. Follow along as we use DGLux5 to create this friendly, basic user interface.

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