Data Visualization Tools with DGLux5

Data Visualization Tools

San Francisco, CA -- June 24, 2014 -- Presenting and delivering the right data and right amount of data, in the most engaging way is the name of the game. And among all platforms out there, how do you determine which of the many provide the most robust and flexible data visualization tools necessary to build a custom application or dashboard? Well, we can go through a list of user expectations but when it comes to application development or dashboard creation, the main focus is on three things: workflow experience, data visualization tools and their level of intelligence and interactivity with components.

The Workspace

DGLux5 provides a modern, flexible environment containing: Tabbed Document windows, Application bar, Tools Panel, Quick Access Panel, Panel title bar, Widgets Palette, Property Inspector Panel, Outline Panel.

The HTML5 based, DGLux5 workspace provides clean organization and easy navigation through panels and menus for quick access to necessary functionality, modern data visualization tools and design components in set areas which provides users with creative flexibility, and several shortcuts and hidden features that enhance the user experience while minimizing design and development time. Setting up your workspace has never been easier or more efficient.

Data Visualization Toolkit

DGLux5 has very intelligent data visualization tools and each design tool has its own significant feature sets that provide users with creative and modern flexibility. For example, path selections, point manipulations, and custom shape creations can be used for your zone overlays, custom gauge and chart composition. DGLux5 visualization tools elevate and simplify the designers and non-designers ability to create engaging visual logic.

Creations and developments are only limited by the user’s imagination. Note: You can read and understand DGLux5 tool features and functionalities via our wiki - Wiki to Data Visualization Tools .

Intelligence & Interactivity

The way a user navigates through your data dashboard (whether on a phone, tablet or desktop), the way your objects and components move and interact with each other and their devices, and the design style in which your data is presented to the audience is entirely up to you. DGLux5 provides a boundless, data visualization platform that delivers immense power, responsive technology, flexibility, and seamless editability.

Our visual logic creation technology, Dataflow, contributes to the intelligent, enhanced “drag and drop” experience for our users. Throughout DGLux5, users will be pleasantly surprised to find ease-of-use of dragging and binding properties or symbol components to unique elements. In addition, the power and speed of DGLux5, drives these new logic creations quicker than the eye can see.  

Step inside DGLux5! With these core design tools and intelligent elements, you can build your own set of data dashboards and application templates and quickly filter and deliver the right data in the most presentable way. Tell your story.