Data Visualization Tools with DGLux5

Data Visualization Tools

San Francisco, CA -- June 24, 2014 -- Presenting and delivering the right data and right amount of data, in the most engaging way is the name of the game. And among all platforms out there, how do you determine which of the many provide the most robust and flexible data visualization tools necessary to build a custom application or dashboard? Well, we can go through a list of user expectations but when it comes to application development or dashboard creation, the main focus is on three things: workflow experience, data visualization tools and their level of intelligence and interactivity with components.

DGLogik Showcases IoT Application Platform - DGLux5

DGLux5 IoT Application Platform New Release

San Francisco, CA -- May 9, 2014 -- Last Tuesday, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas concluded the epic event - 2014 Niagara Summit hosted by Tridium, and marked the milestone of, leading software company, DGLogik, Inc.’s, latest release of the most advanced IoT Application Platform, DGLux5.