Niagara 4 Installation


This is a full installation file for deployment on a Niagara 4 Supervisor. 



Last Updated: May 18, 2020

DGLux5 Build: 1.1.9235

DGLogik JAR Module: 1.27.0

File Size: 37.2 MB


Release Notes

Version 1.25.0

1. Removed dgSuper user for security reasons. A user with the appropriate Niagara permissions can simply visit:<server>:port/dglux5

2. Fix a bug for action parameters that are NaN or infinite (listing of the parent component would fail).

3. Added "Show Icons" property to the service. The default is true, but when false, cuts down on the number of requests made to Niagara for DGLux/dgapi link.

Version 1.15.0

1. Fixed BFormat values issue in the Niagara Alarm Console message texts.
2. Fixed Numeric and Enum writable points in fault display issue. 


Installation Instructions

Read complete installation instructions by clicking here.

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