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HTML5 Drag and Drop WorkspaceEver wanted to take the most powerful IoT application product on the market and put your name on it? Now you can with the DGLux5 OEM program. The DGLux5 OEM program is designed with your success in mind, providing the right tools and built on flexible architecture to WOW your customers.

Exclusively, OEM’s will benefit from:

  • Aggressive multiplier and volume discounts – this allows you to deliver a custom solution at an unbeatable value.
  • Co-Branding & Application Skinning – DGLux5 skinned to look and feel like your native solution with a full makeover incorporating your logos, color palette and design guidelines.
  • Templates for rapid deployment – build once, deploy many... intelligent templates allow for automatic graphics creation reducing the engineering time tenfold.
  • Appliance design & creation – the DGLux5 platform can be segmented and simplified to deliver an easy plug & play appliance type applications coupled with custom volume based pricing.

We are here to help you deliver the next revolutionary solution to the market and ensure lasting competitive advantage.

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