No-Code Application Development Platform

DG Solution Builder is a no-code application development platform featuring a graphical data-driven toolbox to rapidly build visually rich, interactive web applications and dashboards. Leveraging data from all your sources into a single visualization platform, you can analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time.


Your Data

Leverage all your data sources in a single, unified development environment.


Browser-based Technology

A fast and responsive development environment using HTML5.

No Code Required

Drag-and-drop experience utilizing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools and visual bloc programming allows you to build out how data, control requirements and logic sequences can be rationalized into meaningful information in your application without having to write any script or code.

  Cross Platform Visualization

Intelligent scaling with responsive layout provides optimization for any screen size and an optimal viewer experience, allowing you to create once and quickly deploy for desktop, tablet and mobile smart devices.

Client Choice Deployment

A flexible architecture to accommodate deployments for embedded edge devices, fog and cloud-hosted projects.


 Personalized Interaction Visually-Rich and Interactive

Providing an extensive array of graphical assets and components, allowing you to quickly get started and customize your applications.

  • Animated widgets, background themes, patterns, effects, 3D equipment images, assorted icons
  • Industry-specific graphic libraries

  • Customizable charts & gauge components

  • Tables with data formatting, calculations and transformation

  • Create custom interactions by adding behaviors to any object

  • Set mouse and touch screen gestures and behaviors for desktop, tablet and mobile smart devices


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