Custom Applications with Google Maps

Google Map Dashboards

The rich information and fluid interactivity of Google Maps can bring the user experience of your data applications to the next level. The DGLux5 Google Map component lets you quickly and easily tie a map to your complex data sets, so that in just minutes, you can visualize your geographic data the way it should be seen. To get even more flexibility, you can even access the Google Maps API to implement your own custom JavaScript solutions.

Show Store Locations

Add markers to a map quickly and easily by linking a table of longitude and latitude data to the map.

Design a mouseover callout on each marker to display related information, like the latest posts from social media, customer review sites, or the location’s website.

Visualize Data Sets

In DGLux5, use heat map overlays and map groups to create practically any data-driven visual effect you can imagine. Whether it is a sequence of color-coded data layers, or an animation displaying travel routes, you can craft your custom designs in minutes, without ever writing a line of code.

Multifaceted Understanding

When time is of the essence, quick insights are at the heart of next-level data applications. Display your data side-by-side in a chart, grid, and map to create a user experience that encourages instant insights.

More Tips and Tricks

Here are a few more tips and tricks to get you started:

  • Use the Google Maps JavaScript API to implement your custom solutions.
  • Use the JSONP Loader or JavaScript dataflow block to access data from other systems, like social media sites.
  • Use the DGLux5 Property Inspector to toggle the Traffic layer on and off for your map.

Follow these steps to implement custom colors and other styles in your map.

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