Digital Command Center in DGLux5

We made a remote control console that changes the content displayed on some TVs. Watch the videos below to see how we did it. An effect like this could improve a trade show booth, a kiosk, a presentation, or any other context where you want to seamlessly and remotely change the content displayed in a browser. This project takes advantage of the easy data hosting capability of DSA and the rapid application development of DGLux5.

Distributed Services Architecture (DSA) is is an open-source platform that facilitates communication among devices, logic, and applications in the IoT. You can download it here.

DGLux5 is a drag-and-drop, rapid development platform especially for data-driven applications and the Internet of Things. DGLux5 licenses are free for students and educators.


If you want to follow along with the video, you will need:

  • DSA
  • DGLux5
  • One or more TVs or monitors, each displaying a full-screen web browser window.
  • A phone or another computer that you want to use to control the displays.

The computers used with the TVs must be able to connect to the DSA server. These computers also must have an Internet or network connection that can access the content that you want to display.

Video #1: Style

This video shows how to create the visual style of the control console using layout and the symbol component in DGLux5.

Video #2: Data and Logic

This video shows how to create the data and logic that store and manage the URLs associated with the monitors.

Help and resources

If you are new to DGLux5, some of the terms in the video might be unfamiliar. Beginners should be able to follow along, but if you want to learn more about the DGLux5 concepts in the video, try the links below:

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