Globally Recognized as Game Changer in the Internet of Things

San Francisco, March 18, 2014 - DGLogik plays “around the world” as game changer in the Internet of Things, and as a leader in the building automation industry.

Quickly making its way this year, DGLogik travels to announce the innovative software solutions that are connecting, enabling and visualizing the Internet of Things. In January, at AHR Expo NYC, DGLogik gave a sneak peak inside two advancements that enhance the user ability and matchmaking experience of controlling and managing smart, connected devices: Dataflow - a modern visual programming feature for award winning product, DGBox, and Project Assist - a wizard for the application of the year, DGLux, that allows users to build entire interfaces in less than an hour.

Since then, with Dataflow officially releasing and Project Assist nearing launch, DGLogik’s buzzing IoT technology is being welcomed by some well-known venues: Light + Building in Frankfurt, Germany, introduced by Enocean, China Refrigeration in Beijing, China, led by partner Vector Controls and hosting, as a Gold Sponsor, at Niagara Summit in Las Vegas.

Word on the street is that there may be another IoT technology breakthrough announced at one of these venues. Hopefully most of you will be a part of the experience.