IOT Agriculture Management


DGLux5 may help farmers, agronomists and production teams to evaluate the most relevant data gathered from systems and sensors, field and plant equipment to streamline conservation efforts and even automate machines for optimal performance to increase crop yields and farm production.

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IOT Business Intelligence Management

Business Intelligence

Having a custom application that displays meaningful analytics and reports with DGLux5, to consolidate, schedule and facilitate tasks and performance may significantly increase ROI and allow companies, executives, managers, marketing and sales professionals become more resourceful.

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Healthcare icon


There is a considerable amount of medical devices and systems that measure and monitor various facility and patient data. However, utilizing different systems and applications to access data and exchange information is a challenge in the healthcare industry. Simplifying these methods is also a challenge, especially with concerns of HIPPA compliancy.

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IoT Industrial Management


With DGLux5, one has easy capability of creating real-time visibility into all assets whether it’s shop-floor, machines or production lines. Key insights like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total effective equipment performance allows one to truly understand machine uptime and downtime, validating whether it is the machine performance or manufacturing processes that needs to improve. 

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IoT Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

The advanced and flexible features of DGLux5 enable oil & gas producers and suppliers to address these issues – monitor and control the data centers and physical factors affecting the oil rig site operations. With intuitive applications created on DGLux5 platform, decision-makers can monitor and manage oversized data storage infrastructure, track logistics, as well as set triggers and alarms ensuring safety and efficiency.  

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Smart Cities

Unifying all city, building and energy management systems and data can be achieved with the leading technology, DGLux5. It provides a combined innovative design and development platform which allows any user to easily create custom city and smart infrastructure monitoring applications and dashboards to intelligently analyze data, make intelligent decisions and become more profitable. 

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IOT Transportation and Logistics Management

Transportation & Logistics

DGLux5 transportation logistics & analytics solutions offers unified, flexible integration and data visualization usability among your intelligent transportation and manufacturing systems in order to discover or predict anomalies, gain full visibility into supply chain dynamics, manufacturing and transportation expenses, and communicate better with customers and suppliers.

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