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Energy, Signage, & Sustainability

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Energy / Signage / Sustainability

Sustainability within buildings is more than just an energy managers role. Sub-metering, now a mandate of the LEED program and several utility incentives has been shown allow for proactive identification of out of tolerance equipment in buildings as well as allowing occupants to understand better the impact they are having on the environment as well as energy spend through motivating change. 

Dashboarding has become a growing trend in buildings to bring awareness to not only facility managers but to actual people entering the building through kiosks and mobile applications for Smart Buildings. Studies have shown activity monitoring energy Dashboards with benchmarking does reduce energy use; however, they are only useful if you view them

DGLux5 offers a simple way to consolidate all of your energy use and provide custom-tailored dashboards to business units and individuals to impact change.

Energy / Signage / Sustainability for the IoT

Take a look at a few screenshots of an Energy / Signage / Sustainability Application, fully developed in DGLux5! Enjoy.

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