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Intelligent Building Products

Buildings are built with many silos of technology, each excelling at their trade exceptionally well, but offering little insight or  connectivity to the vast ecosystem of building technologies being put into each building. Interconnection of systems is now becoming an expectation of owners and operators allowing simple specification and operation while also allowing the various silos of technology to leverage each other for increased performance and lower first-cost.


Historically this has led to a complex world of building technology integration through third-party bridging and often prohibitive custom configuration costs for users upon deployment. Additionally, these  systems quickly fall out of optimal performance after installation due to the requirements of the owner to understand several software packages and methods to accurately monitor, manage and utilize their full potential.


DGLux5 with DSA solves this connectivity issue by offering a robustly compatible connectivity layer to speak natively with  other systems allowing that instant connectivity to building ecosystems. Additionally, DGLux5 can quickly be deployed into product designs enabling equipment manufacturers to use intuitive configuration and monitoring applications without the need for hiring teams to develop software front-ends and maintain/test them with each revision of building protocols or OS update. This connectivity layer allowing connection to all building technologies without coding, coupled with the ability release a comprehensive monitoring and control interface dramatically shortens the development life-cycle of a product while also simplifying the specification and sale of products into the growing smart building marketplace.

Business Intelligence for the IoT

Take a look at a Business Intelligence Application, fully developed in DGLux5! Enjoy.

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