Intelligent Buildings

Executives, engineers, building operators and management need modern building automation software, technology and data visualization tools in order to properly utilize building systems data as an asset. Being able to connect building systems data into a single, unified platform including HVAC, lighting, security, fire safety, and work order management systems is the leading building automation solution, DGLux5. It is your companion in increasing operational efficiency and decreasing issue resolution timeframes. With DGLux5, one can easily analyze mechanical and electrical systems, monitor emergency situations, troubleshoot hot/cold calls and perform preventative maintenance and much, much more.

(I.e. A CFO wants to see energy cost per month vs. profit, a CEO wants to see entire company's efficiency data, a CIO wants to see data center PUE and what-if scenarios for power and energy savings.)

Gain LEED points, higher energy efficiency and an understanding of relative cost effectiveness of your business and properties.)


IoT Smart Buildings Software 

Intelligent Buildings for the IoT

Take a look at an Intelligent Buildings Application, fully developed in DGLux5! Enjoy.

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