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DGLux5 - Level 1 Programming

Course Description:

The DGLux5– Level 1 training is an instructor-led course that provides comprehensive hands-on education in the features and programming of the DGLux5 development environment. This class is structured to offer hands-on practical instruction through the construction of a fully working project by the end of the class series that would enable a student to start building a project on their own following the class using the IDE in conjunction with the DSA Framework. The format will consist of short lectures followed by exercises. Each student will learn the necessary vocabulary, programming concepts and technical knowledge required to develop and support complex IoE applications.

Attendees to this in-depth course will learn how to navigate the DGLux5 IDE, add and create widgets and assets, bind to data, visualize data in multiple forms, and use the data flow module to parse and modify various data streams from internal and external data sources using DSLinks. Additionally, individuals will learn the concepts surrounding the DSA open-source framework and the use of DSLinks within their DGLux5 application.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Working understanding of TCP/IP Networking and web technologies.
  • Some understanding of graphic Design concepts.
  • Development experience within a web framework either using graphical tooling or coding (HTML or CSS ideally).
  • A basic contextual understanding of building communications technologies is preferred. (Knowledge of what BacNet, VAVs, and BMS are).

Learning Objectives:

  • Login and build from scratch a multi-page graphical user interface sourcing data from numerous sources. 
  • Use DSA DSLinks to bind to data within into a project.
  • Comprehend and use dataflow to interpret data and perform basic manipulation of data to visually represent it in projects via widgets, charts and repeaters.
  • Functionally be able to determine when Project Assist Templates should be used; understand their limits; and how to customize them.
  • Recall the terminology used in the DGLux5 IDE, and DSA.

Attendee Requirements:

Attendees must bring a laptop computer (MAC or PC) with Wifi Capability and the Chrome browser installed. A mouse is highly recommended.

Program Costs

  • $1800 Per person
  • Breakfast, snacks, and lunch per day provided.
  • Attendee is responsible for all travel expenses including airfare, hotel, and local transportation.


Please check back for future training dates.