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Learn How To Build Anything


In-depth Tutorials


The Basics

How To Submit Feedback

(00:45)  How to submit feedback to our support team in DGLux5.  


Creating Interactivity

(14:14)  Creating some basic interactivity with data in DGLux5.  


Adding and Removing Libraries

(09:44)  How to better manage your DGLux5 workspace by adding and removing libraries.  


Customize Column Chart Series

(04:20)  How to create a custom column series in DGLux5.  


Introduction to Symbols

(07:14)  How to create symbols and symbol parameters in DGLux5.

Introduction to Viewdeck

(07:47)  How to achieve "Kiosk" mode through a View Deck in DGLux5.

Introduction to Relativization

(05:06)  How to create a relativized component in DGLux5.  


Driving Relativized Graphics through Repeaters

(05:06)  How to create a relativized component in DGLux5.

Data Mapping and Data Actions

(03:29)  How to create a basic data mapping behavior with boolean data types

Introduction to Callouts

(02:41)  How to create a simple callouts in DGLux5

Create Custom Triggers with Callouts

(04:22)  How to create custom callouts in DGLux5  


Bind Chart to Date Range

(01:02)  How to bind a chart to date range picker in DGLux5

Download Table of CSV Data

(01:50)  How to download a table of csv data from DGLux5

Import CSV into DGLux5

(01:08)  How to import a CSV File into DGLux5 and create a workable table.

Introduction to Page Include

(03:39)  How to use the Page Include in order to navigate from one .dg5 page to another.

How to Use the "Case" Dataflow block

(02:44)  How to use the "Case" block in DGLux5 to change a result based on custom paramaters you set.

How to Use the "Javascript" Dataflow block

(04:17)  How to use the "Javascript" block in DGLux5.

How to Create a Custom Gauge

(18:47)  How to create a custom gauge in DGLux5.

How to Setup Nav File for AX Users

(01:54)  How to Setup the Nav File in AX and point a user to specific page in DGLux5.

How to Implement Google Maps Into Your Application

(18:51)  How to customize the look of your Google Map and how to implement the Google Map into your application.