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The most powerful facility application builder ever.

Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities is a drag and drop facility application builder. It allows users to easily create custom HTML5 interfaces in order to quickly gain complete insight into building performance and energy consumption. It delivers a fast, simple and intuitive user experience, offering full flexibility and customization without writing any code nor diving into the full design and development environment of our flagship product, Atrius Solution Builder (DGLux5).

Fully Drag & Drop

Providing an unparalleled, full-featured drag and drop building experience, making your creation process extremely simple.

Refined Equipment Graphics

Build stunning pieces of equipment with the remarkable suite of graphics that are available in Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities.

Simplified Device Management

Managing and monitoring hundreds and thousands of various devices has now become easier than ever.

Gain Insight through Historical Playback

Visualize data like a real time display, but with the convenience to play it back when needed. This approach to historical data analysis can be applied to zone temperatures and lighting layers using a floor plan overview or any other piece of building automation systems equipment to truly understand how buildings behave even when you aren't looking.

Schedules & Alarms

Managing various schedules and acknowledging alarms should be easy! And like everything else in Project Assist really is easy!

Modern Report Module

Customize your report layout and explore the possibilities of data visualization through our list of widgets alongside your list of data.

User Permissions

Define user permission levels by specifying what tasks users are able to perform and what features users can access.

Maximize Facility Awareness

Spend more time focusing on effectively presenting the data that matters.



  • What is the difference between DGLux5 and Project Assist?

    DGLux5 is a full featured IoT Application Platform. It allows you to build custom applications, widgets, dashboards and much more. In fact, we built Project Assist using DGLux5. Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities is a robust, drag and drop facility application builder. It provides the essential, modern tools and features necessary to quickly and very easily create facility interfaces. Most importantly, you don’t need any special training.
  • Does pricing differ from DGLux5 to Project Assist 2.0?

    Yes, it does. To learn more about pricing, please contact your distributor or reseller or fill out the form here.
  • Can I customize the graphics library or am I limited to the library that comes with Project Assist?

    Yes, you can customize the graphics library. If you have your own set of graphics to include and import into Project Assist, take a look at these instructions - SEE HERE. If you want our team to create graphics for you and add them to your version send an email to
  • Can I upgrade my older version of Project Assist to the newer version?

    Yes, you can upgrade the template to the latest version. However, the projects created using the older version cannot be updated to the latest version at this time.
  • How do I know which version I have?

    At the default homepage, where you see “Style, Organize, Manage, Preview”, there is a Version number (I.E., V008) at the bottom left hand corner. The latest version number is V0010.214.
  • Which versions of Niagara are compatible with the latest version of Project Assist 2.0?

    Project Assist 2.0 is compatible with Niagara AX 3.7 and higher, as well as Niagara 4.