Enabling, Driving and Visualizing the IoT   Experience DGLux5 IoT Platform


Multiple Data Providers  Link Various Data

Gain access to all your data sources in a single, unified workspace. Derive information from any database, iot device, social media platform, etc.

  HTML5 Design Tools   Modern Design Tools

The best WYSIWYG data visualization tools you need to build applications or dashboards without ever writing code.

Client Side IoT Tech   Client-Side Technology

DGLux runs in the browser, does not tax the CPU of your server and saves resources for your server to focus on collecting and analyzing data.

Leading IoT Application Platform DGLux5

Visual Programming   Visual Programming Technology

Create logic sequences within our advanced, visual programming User Interface...without having to write any script!

Flexible Deployment   Data Deployment

DGLux5 offers multiple deployment options, support on multiple mobile platforms, resolution independence and a client-side architecture.

Unique Property Inspector  Cross Platform Web Applications

One of the most powerful features of DGLux, is its sophisticated property inspector which houses hundreds of customizable properties for all components.

Just A Few Using Our IOT Technology

  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Climatec
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Cisco
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Delta Controls
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Distech Controls
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Kaiser Permanente
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Leviton
  • IoT DGLogik Partner | Schneider Electric
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