Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities

Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities

DGLogik introduces Project Assist 2.0 for facilities, a step by step wizard that allows users to create an HTML5 interface to manage and monitor facility data. It delivers a faster, simpler and more intuitive user experience, offering full flexibility and customization without diving into the full design and development environment of DGLux5.

“We believe that Project Assist 2.0 is set to change the way Facility Management Applications are built and deployed. With the main focus being ease of use, this wizard enables rapid creation of full-featured interfaces with zero learning curve.” says CEO of DGLogik, Eugene Mazo.

Project Assist 2.0 is a robust wizard, powered by the award-winning IoT Application Platform DGLux5. Framed within an HTML5 environment, this drag and drop wizard allows users to visually display valuable information within a facility through any smart device with a modern browser -- no plugins required.

The core features of Project Assist 2.0 allow users to style the interface, manage navigation, device templates and widgets, customize floor graphics and equipment graphics, manage user permissions and much more.

Feature Overview of Project Assist 2.0

Style Manager: The style manager gives users “style element flexibility” that helps brand the entire application. Project Assist provides users with the modern necessities to customize applications and projects without having to completely think and create like a designer. Control and customize elements like: Colors, Corner Styles (Round or sharp), Background Images & Watermarks. And when you’re done, save it as a style template!

Navigation Manager: Project navigation is where users build a navigation tree and prepare relativization through location and device templates. It allows users to build, organize and define the user’s flow throughout the entire project. Location and device nodes defined are, but not limited to: Campuses, Buildings, Floor Plans, Schedules, Charts, Alarms, VAV’s, AHU’s.

Dashboard Manager: Managing dashboards and templates is where users define their “tree components” with graphical references like floor plan graphics, equipment visualizations and colored zone overlays. It is essentially where one builds all graphical assets and associates relevant facility data through charts, callouts, etc.

Preview Manager: This allows users to view the entire facility application creation. It allows the creator to explore as an end user before deploying live.

Project Assist 2.0 projects have responsive features, allowing visibility on smartphones, tablets or desktop devices. It is the revolutionary wizard that unveils the essential goal - simplicity for the user. To download Project Assist 2.0 for facilities Beta, please login to your account or create an account to access, download and install.