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Modern Toolsets. One Workspace. Data-Driven. All Yours.

DGLux5, our “drag & drop” rapid application development and visualization platform enables individuals and teams to design real-time, data-driven applications and dashboards without ever writing a single line of code. It maximizes analysis efficiency and enables faster communication through real-time, data-driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices. Significantly reduce time and money in project design, creation and deployment with a modern platform that everybody loves, DGLux5. 


 IoE Application Platform DGLux5 Link Various Data
  Gain access to all your data sources in a single, unified workspace. Derive information from any database, iot device, social media platform, etc.
 Commond and Control Data Control & Command Data
  Revolutionizing the way we build applications through visual programming, DGLux provides the tools for controlling & commanding your data!
 Drag and Drop Application Development Drag & Drop Data Binding
  The data-to-property and property-to-property binding flexibility within DGLux5 is amazing but having a full drag and drop environment that drives that flexibility is absolutely stunning.
HTML5 Web App Development Platform
Dataflow Visual Programming
  Client-Side Technology
  DGLux runs in the browser, does not tax the CPU of your server and saves resources for your server to focus on collecting and analyzing data.
  Mobile Responsive
  Intelligent scaling with responsive layout in DGLux5 ensures that every user interface is automatically optimized for any screen size to ensure the optimal viewer experience on any mobile device.
  Visual Programming Technology

Create logic sequences within our advanced, visual programming User Interface...without having to write any script!



 Personalized Interaction Create Personalized Interaction
  Create personalized interaction by adding behaviors to any object using the "Record State" feature which allows you to change parameters and automatically save the recorded changes as behaviors. This enables you to execute commands through any possible user interaction, creating unique, sophisticated interfaces and experiences.

 Mouse Gestures Set Mouse Gestures
  To build interactive applications, DGLux allows you to add behaviors to any objects interaction a user can make such as click, double click, roll over, rollover & out, mouse down, mouse up, click on, click off, load complete or custom triggers for a mix of interactions.

 Drag and Drop Application Development Set Touch Screen Gestures
  DGLux enables you to build interactive mobile applications with support for all touch screen gestures such as swipe, rotate, pinch, spread, two finger tap and scroll

Agriculture Tablet Application 
  Flexible Deployment
  DGLux5 offers multiple deployment options, support on multiple mobile platforms, resolution independence and a client-side architecture.
  Customize Charts & Graphs
  To display your data, DGLux offers many different customizable column charts, bar charts, line charts, area charts, pie charts, radar charts, dynamic charts, and scatter charts to best represent your systems.
  Stunning Graphics Library & Widgets

You aren't starting from scratch. DGLux provides graphical assets to get you started such as assorted animated widgets, background themes, patterns, effects, 3D equipment, assorted icons, glass effects and much more!

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